August 20, 2009

The Old School

It’s been the centerpiece of the village since 1917.  You may have heard that Elida High School was built in 1914 or 1916, and since there is no cornerstone, there has always been some confusion. From our research and the information from Elida Historian, Cleo Kruse, the school land was obtained in 1914. The building was opened in 1916, with the first graduation in 1917.


The story of Elida is centered around expanding to meet the educational, artistic and athletic needs of the community.

Elida High School Typing Class

As we research the history of Elida for the “Reflections of Elida” documentary we’ve posted some facinating information about the school.  The documentary is now complete and you can watch some clips and order it on the documentary page. Also join our discussions on Facebook at the ElidaMemories page.