October 15, 2016

Echoes of Gomer School

New film looks at the history of Gomer School

IMG_4533On May 18, 2013 the alumni of the Sugar Creek Township School will gather for the first time in its 100-year history somewhere other than their old school building.  Gomer School, as it was known, served northern Allen County from 1914 until June of 2012 when it was closed due to budget concerns by the Elida School District. During this reunion Ondo Media will be premiering its latest documentary, which focuses on the history and culture of this small school.

“The story of Gomer School resonates with many of us from small towns in our area.” says John Ondo, the filmmaker who produced “Echoes of Gomer School”. “These towns lost their identities in the 60’s & 70’s as small community schools  were consolidated with larger schools in Ohio”. The documentary was shot in 2012 during the closing of the building and features interviews from former faculty and alumni.

“Echoes of Gomer School” is the second school biography produced by Ondo Media based in Columbus, Ohio. “Reflections of Elida” which documented the history of the old Elida building before its demolition in 2011 was nationally recognized with several awards.

In 2014 Echoes of Gomer School was honored with an Emmy Award for its production quality. Ondo Media was proud to dedicate it to the town and to David Whittington who was part of the project.

“Every school has a story and this story is that bigger schools may be better, but for Gomer little was great”

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