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Welcome Bulldog Alumni

Even though the old school is gone, the memories are still fresh and alive. The purpose of this site is to share the memories of our High School and also preserve them for the future generations of Bulldogs who will be graduating from a new building. 

Elida’s doors were closed on Wednesday, June 29 at 3:30 pm for the last time and on September 13, 2011, the oldest section came down in a cloud of smoke.  

Even though the school is gone, the memories will live on. We’ve captured the memories of Elida on a special DVD called Reflections of Elida and you can order your copy today! We are also the home to all our Gomer Bobcats Alumni as we also share their heritage. The school may be gone but the memories will last forever.

Order the Elida/Gomer Documentary on DVD

The Bulldog Inn isn't gone, it's now online!

Remember The Old School

Walk the halls one more time

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Before there were murals

A great shot from the early 1960’s of the lunch line and the walls which in 20 years would be lined with murals.

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1940 Aerial of Elida

Before the Kraft Memorial Stadium in the 1960’s the football field ran East and West. Restrooms would be used inside the building because there was not outdoor sports facility and the teams would use the basketball locker rooms.

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VIDEO: Which class is the best?

Theres seems to be some controversy on which class of Elida is the best. Watch this video clip from “Reflections of Elida”

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Video: Coach Dally talks about how think the 1917 walls are

They don’t build things like the use to. Coach Dally tells how he learned the hard way how thick the walls of 1917 section of the High School are

If you're looking for the Reflections of Elida full documentary and Echoes of Gomer documentary, they are both on a single DVD now for $35. Some are available at Elida High School or you can purchase one for $35 which includes shipping from ElidaMemories.com

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JUST IN: TV44 is airing the broadcast version of "Reflection of Elida" this Saturday night at 10pm. WTLW TV 44 facebook.com/12760239395868…

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Yes we will have more DVDs of Reflections of Elida and Gomer for the holidays. Order at ElidaMemories.com

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